Kailh Box Switch

Kailh box switch
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Kailh box switch

Kailh box switch insider explosion picture,the outside structure are same with traditional keyboard switch,the box switch is consist of stem,top cover,spring,base,contact plate and leaf,green push rod as well as the seperated cover and click bar.

The stem shape makes it with dustproof function,the inner seperated top cap covers the movable and static plate to protect the dust and water.then when you press it,the sound is from click bar.

The strucuture of kailh box switch is different from traditional switch,they're built to protect from corrosion and debris buildup,which lengthens the lifespan of the box switch.The contact plate and leaf are insulated in the sealed house, comes with extra protection;

Kailh switches provides an easy transition so you don't have to abandon your current keycap,Also, as opposed to traditional MX switches in which plastic is consistently making contact with plastic, these switches involve a mechanism pressing against a mechanism, thus reducing the chance for failure over time,what's more,it's compatible with MX keycap and PCBs.

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