Kailh Pink Switch

Kailh Pink Switch

Kailh Pink Switch
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Kailh Pink Speed Switches.

The switch was provided to Korean at first,but now the switch has been opened to everyone.so kailh speed switch has five type ,kailh silver switch,kailh copper switch,kailh gold switch,kailh bronze switch and kailh pink switch.

They are 50g "clicky" switches that use a "click bar" instead of the normal clicky stem.

They have sort of a weird feel to them, but not unpleasant. The travel is definitely shorter as advertised, but the click itself feels slightly mushier than you're used to.

The sound they make is a little odd. They have a distinct click-click as opposed to a click-shunk,like a normal clicky stem would make.

Another weird thing about them is that it is possible to actuate the switch without making it click. There is a tiny margin where the tactile bump on the stem will pass the actuation point, but the "click bar" hasn't engaged.

Overall, I don't say I prefer them to standard clicky switches, but they are pretty unique and not terrible to type on.

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