Black Switch for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Kailh KT Series--Black Switch ,PN: CPG1518,Linear,SMT
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Product Details

CPG1518 black  switch
 Product Description

Operation Force:50-70gf
Pre-travel:1.9 +/-0.5mm
Total travel:4+/-0.4mm
Operating Life:50,000,000 Cycles



Pattern angle

image005(001).jpg image003(001).jpg



 Company profile:
 Dongguan Kaihua  Electronics Co., Ltd (originally named Longhua Electronics ) was founded in  1990. Specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of precision  electronics, switches, jacks, digital encoders, connectors and other electronic  parts. Mainly applies all kinds of electronic parts in different fields, such  as communication products, portable products, computer peripherals, household  electrical appliances, measuring instruments, medical equipments, automotive  electronics, audio and video systems, gaming products, smart control system,  digital camera, notebook computer and so o

Factory and  office view

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Kailh KT Series--Black Switch ,PN: CPG1518,Linear,SMT


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