Kailh RGB Keyboard Switch

Kailh RGB Keyboard Switch

Kailh RGB Keyboard Switch
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Kailh RGB Keyboard Switch

Kailh Red

Behavior: Linear

Feel: Light

Actuation Force: 50g

Actuation Point: 2mm

Total Travel Distance: 4mm

Sound Level: Quiet

Rated Lifespan: 50 million keystrokes per key

Kailh Black

Behavior: Linear

Feel: Light

Actuation Force: 60g

Actuation Point: 2mm

Total Travel Distance: 4mm

Sound Level: Quiet

Rated Lifespan: 50 million keystrokes per key

Tactile switches are extremely popular, and are often touted as the perfect blend of linear and clicky. They feature a bump somewhere within the key switch travel, usually near the top of the key press after a short distance known as the pre-travel. You won’t hear any click with tactile switches, but you will feel this bump once the switch actuates.

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