Linear Mechanical Black Switch

Kailh KH Series--Brown Switch,PN: CPG128001S03,Tactile,SMT Key Switch.
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Kailh Angile switch PG1280

In the midst of achievements, Kailh didn’t neglect the quality of products , and never stop innovation, in order to break the same keyboard design situation, Kailh keeps on researching and developing new type key switch. In a very short time, we have developed PG1593, PG 1511f, PG 1280, PG 1350, PG 1320 new mechanical key switch. Kailh spent 9 years on the keyboard switch and got more than 140 patents, the only mission is to create a classic and high-tech product.


 Long life cycle,50  million to 100 million cycles mechanical life, Patents technology , different  hand feel, multi-choice LED mounted or diode , Fast speed, more short travel

 Various keyboards  such as computer keyboard, meter box,digital keyboard, POS machine ,cash  register ,medical equipment ,musical instruments such as accordion electric  guitar ,stage control equipment etc.





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