Choc Low Profile Switches

Choc Low Profile Switches

Kailh choc Low Profile switches
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Kailh choc tactile and clicky switches

These low profile choc switches will need compatible keycaps and PCB to work

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The tactile bump is at the top rather then being in the middle. 

These boxes are smooth out of the box. They feel very smooth no scratchiness at all these switches don't need any lubing and  lubing would weaken the tactility. I personally have nothing negatives about these switches.


the quality is good and didn't encounter any problems with the batch i bought so i am talking about the batch i got. The switches are good and there was no problem with the switch housing and stems.


Modding the switches is easy as can be i can just dismantle them with my fingers :O. The only thing that you can mod about this switch is the spring.

The sound of the switch is amazing it's deep and not high pitched here is a video and they do sound almost exactly like in the video

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