Pale Blue Switch

Pale Blue Switch

Pale Blue Switch Kailh Low-Profile Heavy Switches Linear Switch

Product Details

Kailh Choc Heavy Switch for office keyboard

Heavy Low ProfileCPG135001D01-1Dark Yellow/linear/70gf
CPG135001D02-1Burnt Orange/tatcile/70gf
CPG135001D03-1Pale Blue/clickbar/70gf  

Detail of choc pale blue switch

Application:havit hv-KB390L Mechanical Keyboard Adopts the latest Kailh Blue Switches

                   Makes the extraordinarily thin and light design of mechanical keyboard possile.


Linear vs. Tactile

Two words you'll need to know in order to get the most out of this guide are "linear" and "tactile." Almost every mechanical switch is one or the other, and the difference between the two types is easy to understand. To actuate a linear switch, you must push it all the way down, like a membrane key. To actuate a tactile switch, you usually push it about halfway down; you can continue pressing the key after that, but you can also take your finger off and move to the next key right away.