Thin Notebook Mechanical Key Switches

Thin Notebook Mechanical Key Switches

PN:CPG142501D03 Type:Clicky X Switch is the market ’ s thinnest notebook mechanical key switch for the moment Traditional mechanical keyboard switch enters into rather strong competitive stage,so that the keyswitch manufacturer gradually transfer the core into notebook keyswitch; kailhua...
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Product Details

Kailh X Swtich [Tactile]



Rating: DC 12v 10mA

Operating force:50 ± 10gf

Contact Resistance:200mΩ MAX

Tactile Force:60 ± 10gf


Total travel:2.0mm ± 0.3mm

Operating Life;20,000,000 Cycles




The highlights of the switch structure

As the name implies,the “X ” is alike scissor X shape,the most highlight is actuation module made of the stem and balance stand, “X” shape balance stand makes the most of the space to assure the mechanical feel and enough short travel,wow.the X Switch the most important tip is the PG142501D03 also has the click bar structure inside ,total height only 6.5mm.


X Switch Specification

Although X Switch has rather thin body but the total travel is 2.5mm,the actuation travel 1.2mm,more fast actuation and means that the mechanical notebook no more big only choose Kailh X Switch,then you’ll experience the advantage of feeling and volume. 20M cycles lifespans and 50gf actuation force,Kaihua makes a revolutionary transformation for the structure and volume.

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