12.8*5.8mm Micro Button Switch

12.8*5.8mm Micro Button Switch

12.8*5.8mm Micro Button Switches
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12.8*5.8mm Micro Button Switches


  • Switching capacity of 1A at 125VAC

  • Pin plunger, hinge, long hinge, simulated roller , hinge roller lever actuators available

  • Solder, quick connect, PCB terminals available

  • SPDT, SPST-NC, SPST-NO contact configuration

  • Two split springs ensure a high stability and durability

A miniature snap-action switch, also trademarked and frequently known as a micro switch, is an electric switch that is actuated by very little physical force, through the use of a tipping-point mechanism, sometimes called an "over-center" mechanism.

What is micro switch used for?
Home Applications
Washing Machines– Micro switches are used at the power supply to turn the machine off/on, they are used for detecting switching power, angle of drums and filter. They will detect the door open-close status and are used on the control panel buttons.


Industrial, Power Management, Automation & Process Control, Security

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