Instant 3-Pin SPDT Micro Switch

Instant 3-Pin SPDT Micro Switch
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Instant 3-Pin SPDT Micro Switch and switch to SPST mode.


this single-pole and double-throw (SPDT) momentary switch can be used as a general-purpose micro switch, but the long lever arm makes it especially useful as a tactile bump sensor for your power tool, The switch body dimension is 12.8 x 5.6x 6.6 mm, and the lever arm are available.


This three-pin switch can also be used as a two-pin single-pole, single-throw (SPST) switch that is open or closed by default, depending on which two pins are used.


The switches are manufactured by Kaihua and rated for 30,50,80 million clicks.which has gray ,black,white and red shell model with a kinds of color plunger.


Most of them are applied om the mouse left and right button as well we CPI button.

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