Mini 6.2mm Silient Micro Switch

Mini 6.2mm Silient Micro Switch
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Mini 6.2mm Silient Micro Switch

The other one is CMI623501D09 has 3.5mm height,so the actuation travel is short,it’s 3.3+/-0.2mm,the operation force is close to CMI6273 series.

 CMI6235 Silent Micro Switch

Now,the silent micro switch has widely used for the ELECOM and Logitech Turbo 1and Pebble .

we also has CMI627301D07 and CMI627301D60 are silent micro switch, you can choose it.

it has 6.2*6.2 square frame size ,you can order it from our company.

we have the Rohs certification to assure the quality of micro switch                                                        

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