Mini Micro Switch With Solder Teminal

Mini Micro Switch With Solder Teminal

Mini micro switch with solder teminal
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Microswitch, Ultra Subminiature, Pin Plunger, SPDT, Solder, 0.1 A, 30 VDC

the micro switch can be a household or business premises, and probably many more.  They’re used in doors to sense an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ state, in vending machines to detect the dropping of coins, in printers and photocopiers, franking machines, and pressure switches for process applications.

Snap action micro switches, the most common type, often use an actuating lever to produce fast switching with very little physical pressure upon the actuator. With industrial versions capable of operating for 10 million cycles or more, and even low-cost consumer types capable of at least one million operations, they’re found in a huge range of applications, including in lamps, solenoids, motors, and flow and pressure switches. The actuator acts as a lever, with a small force applied to its free end being translated into a larger force as you move towards the pivot end, where it rests upon a plunger, or pin. Even when force is applied to the actuator very slowly, its amplifying effect means that the movement of the switch contacts is always very fast – a desirable characteristic in any switch.


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