Snap Action Microswitches

Snap Action Microswitches

Snap Action Microswitches
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3 Pin Roller Hinge Lever Push Button Micro Switch

Micro Push Button Switch 3Pin 1A 125V

SPDT 3-pin momentary lever mini micro switch for computer mouse

Function: SPDT
Dimension: about 12.8*5.5*10.1mm
Electrical lifespan: 30,000 cycles
Lever: middle lever
Operating temperature: -25℃ to +75℃
Max. voltage: 250VAC
Max. current: 3A
Protection level: IP40
RoHS: yes



1,Micro-Miniature,light operating force 

2,Snap-in type, can be mounted directly on P.C.Board

3,Available with earth terminal for electrostatic discharge

4,Good texture and more buttons are applied



Micro switch can be widely used in computer mouse, security products, doorbells, automotive electronics, communication equipment, military products, test equipment, gas water heaters, gas water heaters, gas stoves, small appliances, microwave ovens, rice cookers, float equipment , medical equipment, building automation, power tools and general electrical and radio equipment.


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