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Kailh Mouse Encoder Switches
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Kailh Mouse Encoder Switches

Kailh manufactures the keyboard push button switch and mouse switches,such as micro switch and mouse wheel scoll encoder switch.

We have the CEN97 and CEN98 series scoll encoder for the gaming mouse,the 97 series encoder compared with 98 series ,which featuring with sealed design,in addtion,we also produce the SMD type encoder switch.

Below is the CEN97 and 98 series encoder switches's con and pro,you can see the terminal pin doesn't connected but the CEN98 series terminal pin is connected,the top of CEN97 is open and CEN98 is sealed type,it features waterrpoof and dustproof function,it's fit for the net bar enviroment.

Kailh mouse scoll wheel encoder


The CEN6825 Series is SMT type wheel scoll encoder for mouse.

It has five SMD type pins  and there has two types for selection,the encoder with pin and without pin.

and the number of detent is 12 ,the pulse or rotation is 12 pulse for 360(reverse)

CEN6825 Series encoder

The third type mouse encoder switch is CEN8080 series,it's soldering wire scoll whell encoder.

Kaihua Electronics is a leading manufacturer of keyboard push button switch,mouse encoder switch and micro switch as well as slide switches.

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