Mouse Wheel Encoder

Mouse Wheel Encoder

Mouse wheel encoder
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Mouse Wheel Encoder Switch.

CEN970512W51 mouse encoder with wiring,it's often used in the game mouse wheel.

it has stable function and long life to click when you use it

The common issue of mouse wheel encoder:wheel malfunction,irregular jump up and down;when you glide the web page,it maybe slide up and slide down;when you play the game,The sliding pulley can't find focus by zooming in or out of sight.the wheel signal is miss,there doesn't has any reaction

Wheel mosue encoder can be divided into two types:first one traditional bar-rier struction wheel ,the mouse wheel was widely used in the early days,but there has some request for the mouse master programming, at present,only several manufacturers uses bar-rier wheel.the other one is popular mechanical mouse to the bar-rier encoder,the mechanical encoder has good mechanical scale feeling,easy structure and master programming etc merits,so most of mouse will use the mechanical encoder structure to make the mouse wheel.


Different brake wheel color

Operation Force Different

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Mouse wheel encoderMouse wheel encoder


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