ASUS ROG Gladius II Wireless Uses Kailh Micro Switch

- Mar 18, 2019-

ASUS ROG Gladius II Wireless Uses Kailh Micro Switch

The original picture comes from Techpowerup.

As we all know,kailh manufactures the keyboard and mouse switch all the time,the majority of brand peripheralS company applies our micro switch and keyboard kailh switch on their products.

Now,let's look at the Asus Mouse review.

on the Both side buttons are kailh micro switch with red plunger, it's good, but meet to use some extra tactility. There's nothing objectively wrong with them as their actuation is fine. 


the CPI button, which is beneath the scroll wheel, is great as well. It has relatively short travel, but is tactile and spammable. It uses the same square switch as the middle button,I think maybe it's kailh CMI6273 series square micro switch,which can be done with silent type


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