CEN652812A03 MINI SMD Rotary Encoder For Gaming Mouse

- May 15, 2020-

CEN652812A03 MINI SMD rotary encoder for gaming mouse



Rated:DC 5V

Maximum Operating Current:1mA

Resolution: 12 pulses/360 ° for each phase

Contact Resistance: 5Ω(Max)

Insulation Resistance: 50MΩ(Min)DC50V

Dieletric strength: AC50V (50-60Hz) for 1 minute

Detent torque:0-15 gf.cm

Life test:100,000 cycles(Min)



It’s mini SMD type rotary encoder,the tiny size can be easily to mount on the gaming earphone.it’s used for adjusting the volume of earphone.

The CEN6528 has the fix pins on the encoder,it’s stable for mounting.