Delux Designer Keyboard With Kailh Choc Switches PG1350

- Sep 04, 2018-

Delux Designer Keyboard With Kailh Choc Switches PG1350

Delux is compatible with 9 of the major software in the market, such as 3D, CAD, Id, Maya, Rh, Ai, Ae, Ps, and Pr. But, that’s not all, the possibilities are endless with the Delux Designer. Regardless of the software, you can still set up shortcut keys and command sequences on any program. Create, edit, design, paint, and more with ease thanks to Delux.

Say goodbye to awkward shortcuts and memorizing complicated commands sequences. With more than 50 customizable keycaps, program your tasks into a simple key. 

Designed with Kailh Choc Key Switches PG1350, Delux provides comfort for your hands while improving your typing experience. Get the most satisfying feeling as you can physically feel and hear the hard work occurring thanks to Delux’s mechanical keys. 

The space-grade aluminum of Delux Designer, which makes it ultra strong and shock-resistant!