DVD Player With Game Joystick Potentiometer

- Mar 05, 2019-

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Kaihua electronics is a manufacturer specializing in rotary encoders, potentiometers and switches. Our company passed ISO9001, ISO14001,TS16949.

This type joystick potentiometer mainly use on electrical toys, Sony PS3, Xbox one.

Our products have superior operational feeling, integrated tact switch and long operational life.

1.Mechanical characteristics for joystick potentiometer

1.1 Figure of lever operation:

Circular Operating

1.2 Operating angle of lever:


1.3 Stopper Strength:

3.1Kgf.cm Min 3Sec

1.4 Push-Pull Strength:

Push/Pull:5.0Kgf Min 3Sec.

1.5 Operating Force:


1.6 Accuracy of rest position: 


2.Electrical characteristics

2.1 Total Resistance:


2.2 Resistance Tolerance:


2.3 Resistance Taper:


2.4 Max. operating Voltage:

Taper B:AC 50V or DC 5.0V

2.5 Rated Power:

Taper B:0.0125W 

2.6 Withstand Voltage:

1 minute at AC 300V

2.7 Residual Resistance:

50Ω Max


3.1 Rotational Life:

Standard life :1 Million Cycles  Min.

4. Switch Characteristics

4.1 Rated Power:

12 V DC, 50 MA 

4.2 Operating Force:


4.3 Travel:


4.4 Operating life:

100,000 Cycles min