Hexgears X-1 Wireless Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

- Mar 11, 2019-

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Hexgears X-1 Wireless Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

The Hexgears X-1 is engineered with German precision and steeped in American innovation. Its adventure-oriented design is inspired by the world’s first supersonic aircraft — the legendary Bell X-1. This mechanical keyboard has proven itself in harsh field conditions (like Antarctica, see photos); it will excel anywhere, any time.

The X-1 revolutionizes on-the-go input. It combines multi-device Bluetooth capabilities, a sleek aluminum case, and cutting edge per-key RGB lighting technology to launch a completely new class of keyboard.

Everyone, including gamers and creatives, can benefit from the X-1's extreme performance. Mechanical Kaihua "Choc" switches provide direct size, comfort, and press time advantages when compared with larger models. In addition, lighting-fast USB Type C connectivity enables NKRO and speedy charging.

This is, without a doubt, the sort of input device that your gear deserves. It's the keyboard that companies like Apple and Microsoft should be making... but better.


  • Sleek CNC-machined aluminum case

  • Kaihua Choc low profile mechanical switches

  • Rich full RGB lighting and backlight modes

  • Custom per-key backlighting mode (8 colors)

  • Onboard lighting configuration for maximum compatibility

  • Bluetooth 4 (requires firmware LMP 7.x or newer)

  • 4 device Bluetooth memory, 6KRO

  • Wired USB Type C, NKRO

  • Compact form factor

  • Hard-sided carrying case

  • Full charge lasts 4 hours with RGB lighting or a week with 3-5 hours of use per day — this differs from Hexgears' original figure due to a translation error (see below for the correct 3 month context)

  • Battery will provide usable power up to 3 months, if not used, after fully charged