JieMao Won The Champion With The Mechanical Keyboard Of BOX Switch Of Hexigears in Guangdong,China

- Apr 23, 2018-

          On April 18, JieMao team carried the high end mechanical keyboard of the BOX switch of Hexigears (Keyboard company), and win the champion of the "2018 Jingdong cup e-sports competition" in Guangdong province, in China. Earlier this month, JieMao team won the championship in the Shenzhen division.


The event is extraordinary:

In the first round, JieMao VS Terrans Force.JieMao, with excellent hand feeling, achieved full control , which took 15 minutes to win easily, and won two games in the B03 competition.


           During the duels, the PBT material of the Hexgears keyboard can also remain fresh and oil-free, without affecting the touch of the keys.In the final game of the match, even every millisecond difference can win;With the structure optimization of the BOX shaft, the key resistance of the triggering moment is smaller than the normal blue axis, and the triggering moment can be completed.In the final victory, JieMao won the victory and won the guangdong championship.