Kaihua Sponsor 15th Sep Washington DC Keyboard Meetup

- Sep 19, 2018-

Kaihua Sponsor 15th Sep Washington DC Keyboard Meetup

With the keyboard meetup deeply influencing,Kaihua focused on taking part in mechanical keyboard meetups from all around the world,because of the popularity of kailh switches in the keyboard communities,more and more enthusiasts realized our kailh box switches and kailh low profile switches.

Now,let's have a look at the keyboard meetup sponsors list

webwxgetmsgimg.jpgthe keyboard meetup event picture


it's hexgears X1-keyboard with kailh choc switch PG1350,awesome shape and low profile height as well as the clicky feel,if you wanna buy it 


the keyboard was maufactured by Hexgears  http://www.hexgears.com/,Hexgears will sell it on Aliexpress

any more X1-keyboard info,please concentrate on Hexgears official website.


At the event,there has a enthusiasts made a photo booth with kailh big switches,it's amazing.


Players DIY the kailh speed switch ,kailh box switch as well as kailh choc switch keyboard.


switchtop Helix keyboard with kailh choc switch PG1350


Kailh purple switch keyboard

You can see our kailh switches series are popular in the keyboard communities,so we are not traditional switch,but kailh switches,we have our brand influence for the famouse peripherals,such as HyperX used our kailh silver switch on the mechanical gaming keyboard,it means that kailh switches period are coming!

more info,please refer to our offical website www.kailhswitch.com