Kaihua Sponsor The Bay Keyboard Meetup

- Nov 14, 2018-

Kaihua Sponsor The Bay Keyboard Meetup

With the popularity of keyboard meetup,kaihua has concerned on the community,although,kaihua doesn't has compelte product,just a manufacturer of keyboard switch and mouse switch,but we'd love to parcitipate in this group to let more and more keyboard enthusiast knows about our kailh switches.

In the past few months,we have taken part in Japan meetup,Taichung meetup and taipei meetup was hold by Ducky,Germany meetup.

As we all knows that the people who enter this community,they are liking the keyboard and get together to communicate and share the keyboard of them.The group includes designer of keycap /PCB/keyboard,who comes from all round the world.

Of course,some of keyboard manufacturers will show their new product in there.

Let's have a look the meetup feast,here are kailh low profile switch keyboard,them built by keyboard enthusiasts,