Kaihua Took Part In Taichung Keyboard MEET UP On 21st July

- Jul 24, 2018-

Kaihua took part in Taichung keyboard MEET UP on 21st July,there has many keyboard manufacturers entered in and sponsored the Taichung keyboard ,such as Kailh,Ducky, IKBC,Vortex, KBParadise, i-rocks, Wooting, KBDfans, Doyu Studio etc;Our manager shared Kailh BOX Switch keyboards and gifts for player lucky draw,most of player has changed the thought to Kailh Switches,now we have two cooperators manufactured the Kailh Box Switches Keyboard such as Superchannel PHANTOM keyboard and KBParadise v60 dolch kailh box pale blue,below is scene picture.

Our manager took Kailh Box Switches test for player experience




Photos with Wooting Keyboard and Taiwan player are interested in our Kailh BOX Switches feeling.


Player made research about kailh box switches specification.


It’s a successful events for Kailh Electroncis communicating with player and display our kailh box switches,our kailh will make more new products for consumers experience.