Kailh Box Switch Series

- Nov 22, 2019-

Kailh Box Switch Series

Below is brief introduction of kailh box switch;

  • Box white - light spring, thin click bar

  • Box pale blue - heavy spring, thin click bar

  • Box jade - light spring, thick click bar

  • Box navy - heavy spring, thick click bar

  • Kailh Box White - Definitely a light switch, but the tactility is sharp, clean, and hard to miss.  Quite pleasant to type on in fact.  The sound is very high pitched but again it's a very clean sound feedback.


  • Kailh Box  Pale blue - like the whites but with a heavier spring. if you wanna type ,pls ignore it

    BOX 重力蓝

  • Kailh Box Jade - On paper,this might be my favorite switch type, as we like the stronger tactility from the thicker click bar.  In practice, however, that's because the light spring seems to struggle a bit to overcome the thick click bar on the return, adding a subtle but perceptible lag to the switch's movement.  This made the keys feel almost like they were slightly sticky.  To be clear they never actually stuck and the keyboard seemed to work fine, it just felt that way. 


  • Kailh Box Navy - Great sound and amazing tactility. Because it has a stronger spring I didn't feel any of that stickiness I felt with the jades either. it's a very heavy switch.  I think it would be rather fatiguing to use for a long period.