Kailh BOX White Switch Is Widely Considered To Be The Best “clicky” Switch

- Sep 27, 2019-

Kailh BOX white switch is widely considered to be the best “clicky” switch. Its tactile bump, clicky feedback,strong actuation force makes it a popuar switch in gaming

 As we all know,the mechanical keyboard has below parts

1.keycap.the plastic top cao with text printing

2.Stem,This is what the keycap is mouted on part,the shape of the stem differ from different feeling switch

3.Switch housing.The frame that holds all the components together

4.Slider:The slider pushed against the spring and interrupts the connection between the metal contact leaves mounted on the side off the switch,kailh box switch is different from other frame,it's square

5.Metal contact leaves.These are what registers a keystoke when they strike one another

6.Spring.The spring wraps aound the base of the slider and pushes the switch back into its resting position after release.and the circle of spring will effect the operation force when you push

7.Click bar. the double click sound comes from this part.which makes kailh box switch is differ from other blue click switch

The stem is compatible with MX keycap,you can substitute it easily if you have the hot swap socket keyboard.

Kailh box white switch is popular in American and Europen as well as other countries,they all thinks that's a perfect key switch.