Kailh CJP127519D03 Thumb Joystick Potentiometer

- Jun 08, 2020-

Kailh CJP127519D03 Thumb Joystick Potentiometer

A analog joystick will send two signals from two lists. one is the direction in which the stickis pressed and one is the distance the stick is pressed, similar to a trigger button. You usually get values data for how far the joystick is pushed in each dimension (X and Y) rather than a distance and direction.


Resistance Type:“B”type(linear)  

Rated Power:0.0125W

Partial Pressure Tolerance:41%-59%

Noise:300mv max.

Operation Force:120±50gf

Tact Switch Actuation Force:600±300gf

Actuation Angle:55º(max.)

Operation Life:more than 1,800,000 cycles