Kailh Computex Taipei 2018

- Jun 11, 2018-



           COMPUTEX Taipei 2018 on June 5 to June 9, held in Taipei, KaiHua as a well-known domestic electronic switch factory also honored to attend this exhibition, to the world to share the latest electronic switch products.
      COMPUTEX Taipei as Asia's largest, the world's second largest information and communication (ICT) TTF attending, has become the world each big enterprise show new products, new design, new ideas and the best stage.Because of its geographical location, COMPUTEX also provides the best platform for companies from around the world to find business opportunities and strategic partners.



Our booth NO414  



       This booth still uses the simple and bright color ——red and white, and the open booth can help customers have a better understanding of the products. 




       Exhibition products with mechanical shaft body is given priority to, still relies on a strong research and development ability and excellent team, KaiHua mechanical axis diversity of body, which are like the "BOX" axis subverts the traditional shaft structure innovation of revolutionary shaft.



      In addition to the shaft body, micro - actuated switch, light touch switch and other products are also one of the highlights of this exhibition.New micro switch GM e-sports micro switch series, with its ultra high life 60 million times and click feel is comfortable, the launch is popular with the major peripherals brands, now with the micro switch mouse also has been introduced in the market, consumers have given the consistent high praise.


     “SUN Switch made its debut at the Taipei computer show.As its name implies, the solar axis is characterized by its excellent lighting effect. Like the sun, the light is emitted from the inside out.The detailed introduction of the solar axis will be sold here. There will be a detailed introduction of this type of axis in the future. Please look forward to it.



      In addition to factory customers, many media also occupy a large proportion of the crowd in the museum. Kaihua's booth has attracted a large number of domestic and overseas media for interviews and photos.KaiHua has been committed to product promotion and brand building, under the media promotion is also, not only in domestic propaganda, overseas media to promote this sector also more hasten is mature and efficient.


      Despite several days of hard work, the front-line staff were still fresh and full of blood.Just to give you a better understanding of cahua and its products.