Kailh Customized Key Switches

- Nov 26, 2019-

Kailh customized key switches

Kailh manufactures kinds of keyboard switches,light ,heavy and normal operation force,the most of keyboard enthusiasts loves kailh customized switches very much,as we all know,the keyboard switch is for mechanical keyboard,most of brand manufacturers will choose the normal key switch such as traditional mx switch that three types,tactile ,clicky,linear ;

The customized switch are changed from these classical key switch,just adjust the hand feeling,operation force,spring force as well as the color of stem,cover,base.what's more,thicken the click bar.when it comes to this,all knows the click bar of kailh box switch and choc switch,because of them makes the clear sound and hand feeling;

But these customized switch are popular in DIY community,these are used for TKL keyboard and more mini DIY keyboard or numpad.