Kailh High Life Snap Into Mini Micro Switch For Game Mouse

- Jul 01, 2019-

kailh high life snap into mini micro switch for game mouse.

As we all know ,the micro switch has 3 pins to connect the PCB board,the micro switch is also called as snap into switch.

Now,there has many types micro switch in the market,in general,there has 0.3 and 0.5 as well as 0.8M lifespan when you click the mouse,the micro switch was widely used for the mouse left and right button.

So if the gamer wanna more high life and stable mouse in the game,kaihua developed the 10M cycles micro switches which is CMI26601D07 and 20M life CMI126601D08 as well as 30M life CMI126601D09.which has 12.8*5.8*6.6mm frame size and three terminal pins.

We made the different button color to distinguish the switch life definition.high life micro switch for game mouse

30M high life micro switch