Kailh History

- Jul 19, 2018-

Kailh Switches

Kaihua has been producing mechanical switches in a variety of industries for 28 years and has become one of the most well known manufacturers in the community with their Kailh keyboard switches. Combining industry experience with the willingness to hear consumer feedback Kaihua has constantly refined their key switches to stand out as more than a simple clone. Best known for their collaboration with Razer to produce their gaming keyboards, the Kailh switch provides an excellent alternative in a quickly expanding market. 

Original Kailhua – the Story

The kailh Corporation was founded by Mike in 1990. The first push button switches were produced in the Dongguan. From humble beginnings, the company quickly grew in size and reputation after entering the mechanical keyboard market. In the 2015s, the roots of the kailh family are in Dongguan, hence the company namesake,prosperous = Kaihua. Chinese Entrepreneurship coupled with Chinese Engineering encompasses the history and future of Kaihua. Today, Kaihua is regarded as the epitome of precision, longevity, and responsibility. A unique feeling.