Kailh Low Profile Mechanical Switches Series

- Dec 14, 2018-

Kailh Low Profile Mechanical Switches Series

Below are the various kailh low profile switches that you can find in low profile mechanical keyboards, both in desktop and laptop keyboards.

Typing and gaming on a low profile mechanical keyboard can be less tiring and some users are more comfortable with low profile keys, especially the ones who are more used to working on laptops. Also, Low profile mechanical keyboards are favorites among gamers and fast typists. 

Kailh Blue Low Profile Switches

Kaihua Electronics, branded as Kailh is a Chinese electronics company and one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical switches for keyboards and other devices. It manufactures both standard (Box) and low profile mechanical switches for desktops, laptops and notebooks. Currently most of the low profile mechanical keyboards in the market uses Kailh switches. Let have a look at the various types of low profile mechanical switches manufactured by Kailh.

Kailh Low Profile Switches Series for Keyboard

PG1350 – These low profile switches are known as Kailh Chocolate Switch or Kailh Choc Switch. They comes in different colors and each one has their own special properties. The most common Kailh Choc low profile switches are red, brown and white that require actuation force of 50gf. Red is a Linear switch, Brown is Tactile and White is the Clicky one. There is also a clicky blue variant of PG1350 switch too that has a bit different stem design, and its keycap is not compatible with other PG1350 low profile key switches. You can find this switch in Havit low profile mechanical keyboards.


Choc Dark Yellow, Burnt Orange and Pale Blue are PG1350 Heavy switches with higher actuation force of 70gf. Dark Yellow is Linear, Burnt Orange is Tactile and Pale Blue is Clicky switch.

Choc Navy and Jade are Thick Click switches with a thicker clickbar which increases the tactile feedback and creates a deeper and louder click. Choc Navy has the same spring as the Choc Pale Blue, but with a thicker clickbar and Choc Jade has the same spring as the Choc White with a thicker clickbar.

PG1232 – These are thinner variants of the PG1350 switches and are known as Mini Choc switches. There is only a white Mini Choc switch available at the moment that is clicky and has actuation force of 50gf. These ultra low profile switches are designed for use in laptops, computer keyboards and notebooks.


PG1442 – Scissor styled mechanical switches for use in notebooks and laptops. They require actuation force of 50gf and are clicky in nature.

PG1425 – These are scissor X shape switches that are clicky and tactile and are re-designed for use in ultra-thin netbooks.