Kailh PG1425 X Switch Introduction

- Mar 18, 2019-

Kailh PG1425 X switch Introduction

一.  The PG1425 Switch Product Outline Picture With Keycap


二.    Outline Picture Without Keycap

Outline size:  length 14mm*width14mm*thickness 2.5mm, total travel 2.0mm.\

KAILH pg1425 switch

Analysis of laptop with a mechanical keyboard thicjness(PG1425)

  1. switch free position 4.5mm

  2. switch total travel 2.0mm,pre travel 1.5mm

  3. Unit:mm

KAILH pg1425 switch picture

KAILH pg1425 switch force travel diagram

KAILH pg1425 switch datasheet


Rated:  DC 12V   10mA

Contact Resistance:  200mΩ Max 

Operation force:   55gf±10gf

Actuator Force:   65±10gf

Actuator Travel:  1.5mm±0.3mm

Total Travel:  2.0mm±0.3mm

Life:  20M Cycles(Min)


1.    The thin keyboard switch thickness is 2.5mm

2.    tactile and no sound

3.    adopts “X”Structure,so whatever you tactile the keycap of any angle,you will get the better feeling

4.   compared with traditional keyboard switch,it has more fast switch speed(high sensitive ,it's obvious when you are gaming)