Kailh Released New Switch-Sun Switch PG1511B &Notebook Switch PG1316 In Computex 2018

- Jun 14, 2018-

Kailh Computex 2018 New Switch-Sun Switch PG1511B &Notebook Switch PG1316

Kaihua released the new product Sun Switch PG1511B & Notebook Switch PG1316 on the Taibei Computex 2018.

Below pictures is our  computex booth

img_4342.jpg    img_4344.jpg    img_4353.jpg

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Kailh Sun Switch PG1511B -the centre lighting design, the keycap is compatible with MX switch keycap,but the pin design is different from mx switch pin direction.Now we only have clicky edition mechanical key switch.



Operation Force:50+/-10gf

Tactile Force:55+/-10gf

Pretravel: 1.8+/-0.5mm

Total Travel:3.5+/-0.3mm

Lifespan:50 million cycles

Kailh Sun Switch PG1511B





The Ultrathin Notebook Switch PG1316,the height of switch is 4.36mm,ultra-thin body and long travel feature,it also has the mechanical feeling.



Operation Force:55+/-15gf

Pretravel: 1.1+/-0.3mm

Total Travel:1.9+/-0.3mm

Lifespan:20 million cycles


Many Korean Media took photos for our product,such as Quasarzone and Danawa as well as Giggle Hardware Company. We made detail teardown Box Switch and low profile switch feature.



In the exhibition,there also had many media from Asian and Europe as well as American media made interviewed for our new switch.

3.jpg4.jpg5.jpgWe also had a nice chat with Wooting and they also recorded a video for our all products



As we all know,Kaihua Electronics has developed many types mechanical key switches and notebook switches for the peripheral devices,now Kailh already has Speed Switch/Pro switch/KO switch PG1593/Box Switch family/Choc Switch PG1350/Mini Choc Switch PG1232/Notebook Switch PG1442/X Switch PG1425/PG1316.

What’s more.we are setting about to develop the Box Slient Switch,more detail please focus on our official website.