Kailh Releases “X Switch” PG1425 To Achieve New Breakthrough On Notebook Mechanical Key Switches

- Mar 09, 2018-

Kaihua will release the newest notebook switch “X Switch” on Beijing time 12nd March, 2018.


X Switch is the markets thinnest notebook mechanical key switch for the moment

Traditional mechanical keyboard switch enters into rather strong competitive stage,so that the keyswitch manufacturer gradually transfer the core into notebook keyswitch; kailhua which always keeps innovating as the core competitive just released the X Switch.

The structure of X switch breaks the present traditional keyboard switch design style,which is more thin and better feel.


The key switch technology is rather precise, you need to use the knife to open it so that see the final structure!Once you open it,you’ll be surprised at the tiny and complex design. We’ve counted that it has 13pcs parts at least,which differs from the traditional keyswitch. Clicky and tactile two type feels are available.


The highlights of the switch structure

As the name implies,the “X ” is alike scissor X shape,the most highlight is actuation module made of the stem and balance stand, “X” shape balance stand makes the most of the space to assure the mechanical feel and enough short travel,wow.the X Switch the most important tip is the PG142501D03 also has the click bar structure inside ,total height only 6.5mm.


X Switch Specification

Although X Switch has rather thin body but the total travel is 2.5mm,the actuation travel 1.2mm,more fast actuation and feeling.it means that the mechanical notebook no more big only choose Kailh X Switch,then you’ll experience the advantage of feeling and volume. 20M cycles lifespans and 50gf actuation force,Kaihua makes a revolutionary transformation for the structure and volume.


Kaihua Notebook Switches(NB Switch Series)PG1350 (Choc Switch)PG1442PG1425(X Switch)
TypeLinear, tactile, clickyLinear, clickyClicky, tactile
Actuation Point1.5mm (+/-0.5mm)1.4mm (+/-0.3mm)1.2mm (+/-0.3mm)
Actuation Force50gf50gf (+/-10gf)50gf (+/-10gf)
Pressure Point Force60gf55gf60gf
ActionStandardScissor (vertical slider)Scissor (horizontal slider)
LED LocationTop of switch housingCenterTop of switch housing
Total Travel3mm (+/-0.5mm)2.7mm(+/-0.2mm)2.0mm(+/-0.3mm)

With the Kailh BOX Switch appearing,Kaihua can challenge the traditional market position,and Choc switch PG1350 also impels and steadies the leader position, what’s more,kaihua promotes the domestic keyboard switch innovation with the X Switch bringing out and influences the international market keyboard switch promotion.

It’s reported that Kaihua will display the X Switch at the Hongkong Global Resource Exhibition on 11st April,2018,the booth # 9G20,just head for experiencing ,welcome!