Kailh Right Angle Micro Switch Mounting

- May 13, 2019-

parts comes from https://www.oficinadanet.com.br/mouses/25366-a-nova-linha-de-perifericos-da-cougar-minos-xt-review

By opening the mouse

you will find,Scroll has a TTC encoder that is one of the best in the market and the switch used for the scroll click is YSA, which is not the best but is quite acceptable as well and the same switch is on the DPI button.


On the main buttons we find Huano Blue, the same Tecware Impulse Pro switches we saw a few weeks ago. Already on the side buttons we have switches from Kailh, which is good quality of the brand.

Kailh also manufactures the silent square micro switch for the mouse,you can find it on the Rapoo mouse and other brand mouse.

mouse switch