Kailh Silo Beam Switch

- Apr 19, 2019-

Kailh Silo Beam Switch(Beam Spring switches for the modern era)

silo switch


  • Beam Spring click mechanism

  • Hall Effect sensing (Over a billion press lifespan)

  • traditional MX-mount stems (engineered to be safe for all keycap brands)

  • Plate — 14mm x 14mm square cutout

  • SMD LED support (Dual LED support possible)

  • Dust Resistant Housing

  • Contactless PCB Mounting

Unfortunately, Silo switches are not compatible with traditional  MX style PCBs.Below is explaination for more info

silo switch

Standard MX key switches are either soldered or socketed into keyboards. More specifically, they contacts based, and the contact mechanism is intrinsically tied to the feel of the keyswitch. As part of us wanting to improve on existing technology, the Silo switches are contactless, using Hall Effect sensors that require entirely different circuit board designs.