Kailh Switch Tester

- Apr 09, 2019-

Kailh switch tester


The kailh 9 type switch tester was released by Shanghai Wholesaler,there has 9 types switches can be selected depends on your interest,it has pocket size and it’s convenient for your taking,If you are keen on the kailh mechanical switch,you can match it by yourself,most of your guys will select the kailh box switch,because of them has different types hand feeling,I am sure that  if you chose it,that’s wonderful.


As the keyboard switch enthusiast,I think you won’t miss it.


The detail purchase order link,pls see http://itlifehack.jp/archives/10023246.html


 ■ Product specification 

Size: Height 80 × Width 62 × Thickness 9 (mm)

Excluding the switch Weight :About 28 g