Kailh X Switch Notebook Keyboard

- Dec 24, 2019-

Kailh X Switch Notebook Keyboard

This is prototype from System76,the X switch comes with thin height,it has 2.5mm height (the PCB from keycap).

Kailh X switch notebook keyboard

This type thin switch with mechanical hand feeling,most of laptop manufacturers will consider to apply it,such as Japan enthusiasts designed it on the various PCB,it's lower than Kailh choc switch and other type traditional keyboard switch.

Now pls check the below picture:

Kailh box switch height is 18.3mm,choc switch is 11mm and X switch PG1425 has 6.5mm total height.

The X switch PG1425 with clicky and tactile two hand feeling,you can choose it as your request.

BOX&x switch &choc switch

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