Logitech Pro X Keyboard With Kailh Hot Swappable Socket And Switches

- Nov 15, 2019-

Logitech Pro X keyboard with kailh hot swappable socket and switches

it's a customizable keyboard, letting you swap out every single key switch in pursuit of the perfect gaming setup.

The G Pro X is Logitech's first keyboard with swappable key switches, meaning you can customize the feel of each one.

When you order the G Pro X, you can decide what kind of switches you'd like: quiet, linear GX Reds;tactile GX Browns; or loud, tactile GX Blues. BTW,if you wanna mix the red,brown and boue switches as your style.

You has choice between Logitech's three types key switches,all of the key switch are selected and verified for many times ,our kailhua debugs the kailh blue switch repeatedly,so they are feel pretty good in the hand feeling when you use it,the hot swappable choice makes you customized your peripheral with extra key switch kit

Compared with traditional MX switches , kailh GX switches are a little bit stiffer and more resistant, but kailh switches are  still rather comfortable.

As for DIY enthusiasts,if you buy it,you can swap out the mechancial keyswitch easily.you get the plastic  puller to remove the keycap and metal puller to pull out the key switch.if you use right position the switch can be pulled out not too hard.then after your change the switch,put the keycap o n the new switch,it's a new feeling mechanical keyboard in your desk.

Logitech Pro X keyboard with kailh hot swappable socket and switches