Loupedeck Sell Keyboard Made By Kailh CHOC Brown Switch

- Jun 27, 2018-

     Loupedeck Sell Keyboard Made By Kailh CHOC Brown Switch

     This is a link about this keyboard.They can customize the keyboard.The keyboard is made of our Kailh       Choc Brown Swtich.




Parameter of Choc Brown Switch

操作力(Operating Force):50±10gf

段落压力(Tactile Force):60±10gf


总行程(Total Travel):3.0±0.3mm

机械寿命(Mechanical Lifespan):70 million Cycles


Kailh Brown Switch

Universal switch,the product of perfect combination of the manual feeling of mechanical keyboard and the convenience of ordinary keyboard.This switch combines the characteristics of the blue/white switch and red switch,whitch is easy to be accepted by the public and triggers the keystroke.