Massdrop X OLKB Planck Light Mechanical Keyboard With Kailh Choc Switch

- Sep 20, 2018-

Massdrop x OLKB Planck Light Mechanical Keyboard With Kailh Choc Switches

Slimmer & Lighter, With RGB Backlighting

One of our most popular community-designed keyboards to date, the ortholinear 40% Planck Mechanical Keyboard is hailed for its unique layout, compact form factor, and build quality. Now it’s back with brand-new Kailh low-profile Choc switches and bright RGB backlighting to make it pop off your desktop. 



Fully Programmable Lighting & PCB

The Planck Light is so named for a couple reasons, the main one being its fully programmable RGB backlighting. With bright surface-mounted LEDs, it allows you to infinitely customize the lighting down to a per-key basis. The PCB features an AVR chip and can be programmed to to your liking, too. It comes pre-programmed with the standard layout, but also has a reset button to reprogram the keyboard. It’s compatible with Kailh PG1350 "Choc" switch footprints, and all components of the board have been pre-soldered so the PCB is ready for key switches.


Kailh Choc Low-Profile Switches & Shine-Through Keycaps

The other reason it’s called the Planck Light? It’s made with a set of brand-new Kailh Choc low-profile switches that reduce the weight and overall thickness of the keyboard. Made using a different keycap mounting method, the low-profile switches are about half as tall as standard MX switches and have a shorter actuation distance for speedy typing. The keycaps, too, have been overhauled. Now slimmer than ever, they’re made from doubleshot PBT with shine-through legends to enhance the bright RGBs.