Mini Mouse Wheel Scroll Encoder Switch

- Mar 12, 2019-

Mini Mouse Wheel Scroll Encoder Switch

SMT MINI mouse encoder switch

Working Principle

Mouse scroll wheel drive encoder brake wheel to rotate 360°,brake wheel derives the reed claws and base terminal contacted to produce ON-OFF electrical property,A-C terminal input 12 pulse signal,B-c terminal outputs 12 pulse signal,mouse IC chip discerns the sequence ofA-C&B-C pulse signal to distinguish the wheel positive rotation or reversed rotation.

The time difference of A-C and B-C terminal pulse signal was called phase difference.the mouse scroll rotates a circle will have 24 phase difference,After the mouse IC chip reading thbe phase difference,it will give out rotation signal

working principle of encoder switch

Explosive Drawing Of Product Parts

The mechanical rotary encoder switch has below parts composition:

Base,terminal,spring,brake wheel,shrapnel,shell

mouse encoder switch

Kailh mouse wheel scroll encoder switch specification:

specification of encoder