The Difference Between Kaihua BOX Switch And MX Switch

- Jan 29, 2018-

MX Switch VS BOX switch



1.Kailh BOX Switch

There is a structure defect of MX switch -- the protection capability get weak when press the shaft(soot ,liquid would easily get into switch), this would cause many issue such as soundless ,bad contact ,short circuit etc. To solve these problems , Kailh independently developed a new mechanical switch - BOX switch ,protection level can be IP56.(Tips: MX Switch is IP40), and we also applied the structure patent(patent no.201610375789.8) and utility model patent(patent no.201620514067.1),There are four type of BOX switch which used in the keyboards, they are distinguished by the shaft color -white ,black ,red ,brown


2.MX switch

The MX switch is clone of the Cherry MX Series , Cherry Switch is the classical mechanical keyboard switch which special feel and gold contact point makes it more stable, the MX series mechanical keyboard switch has four type, it can be distinguished from the stem colors: Blue、Black、Brown、Red



3. Frame Comparison

The outline size of BOX switch and MX switch are 15.60mmx13.95mmx15.25mm. Kailh BOX switch is compatible with the MX Switch

[caption id="attachment_219" align="alignnone" width="641"]kailh box switch kailh box switch[/caption]

4. Kailh BOX Switch VS MX Switch part

kailh white box switch

5.MX Switch VS BOX Switch Stem

kailh BOX Switch Stem

kailh white box switch1

MX switch stemQQ截图20171110152622

6.Data Comparison

  1. Below two pictures show the movement curve graphs of Cherry MX and Kailh Box Switch.There are three times large fluctuations of MX blue switch when it works , this will easily cause finger fatigue after longtime using. And the fluctuations of BOX switch is little , User experience is better. At the same time ,the pre-travel of BOX switch is 0.4mm less than MX switch , the consistency of travel and force is better. And the response is 20% faster than Cherry MX for continuous use.


7.Structure Comparison

a. BOX switch use a total new structure, the activating is accomplished by active block's pushing , not extruding the moving plate and making it change shape , this is helpful for moving plate to get a longer life , to keep the gold contact point more stable . The moving plate and stationary spring are well protected by a little plastic box , it can well prevent them from dust ,water and getting oxydic  , this also last the switch's life. Now the switch has IP56 authentication and 80 million long life


b.MX switch vocal structure --- when press it , Moving plate make driven member strike driving part and makes a sound. Box switch vocal structure -- when press it , shaft push the torsional spring and makes a sound , This way better protect the BOX switch from the incorrect using way , and also help to avoid the hand feeling getting worse , sound getting lighter etc. Attached video FYI :


8.Operation force curve comparison