The Difference Of Kailh BOX Switch And Kailh KT Switch

- Nov 04, 2019-

The Difference Of Kailh BOX Switch and Kailh KT Switch

The kailh box switch has surround stem on the top,its frame can be contacted with the top cover closely.then the dust and water won't enter into the inside of switch.

 The traditional kailh switch is similar with traditional mx switch,and most of manufacturers simulates mx switch ,there only has price competition.

As the result of drastic competition,the original mechanical keyboard switch market,there don't have too much share to dominate,so kailh created the kailh box switch with special click bar  which has clear and crisp sound and tactile feeling,there has double click sound on the switch.


This is the anatomy of the map,you will find box switch's stem is a complete stuff,the mx switch stem has two parts ,there has small cover to protect the metal leaf from outside stuff,btw,there has tiny torsion bar at the beside of base.there has green active block to push the metal leaf to achive the function.