The Mouse Can Be Used For Voice Input,the Mini Shape Because Of Kailh New SMT Mouse Switch

- Aug 31, 2018-

The mouse can be used for voice input,the mini shape because of kailh new SMT mouse switch.


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On 21st April,MiMouse announced the new product“MiMouse S”intelligent voice,Flytek declare this new product will be on sales,thin and portable in shape,which also can be easily packed into digital bags,what’s more,the type ,intelligence,translation three model can be switched,which Support real-time translation in 26 languages and voice recognition accuracy up to 98%.the mouse uses kailh new mouse SMT micro switch :50M cycles lifesan CMI873101S100-2 as well as our 98 series height 5.5mm sealed mouse encoder,just because the thin SMT micro switch of kaihua and long life are fit for the mouse design style.