The Switches Was Used On The Joystick Gaming Contoller

- Oct 22, 2019-

The switches was used on the joystick gaming contoller

We have the four types joystick potentiometers in process,there has different size 11*11*6.5mm,12*12*7.5mm,13*13*11mm,16*16*12mm can be applied on the joystick contollers,now the CJP1612 series has been used on the MSI controller,there has plastic and metal handle are available.BTW,not only the joystick potentiometer;

we also has the CMI873101S100-2 mini SMD micro switch was widely used on the gamepad,the CMI873101S00-2 has 5M lifespans and 8.75*4.5*3.1mm mini size.the CMI873101S100-2 switch is usually used for four direction X,Y,A,B buttons.

The right angle micro switches are used for the upper if you have ant gaming controller button swich request,you can find it on kailh website.